Zenos is the only known Plasmoid that is considered evil. He is also the most ancient living and most powerful Plasmoid of all time. He is a prime Plasmoid and considered the Evil Personfied. He will not be completely destroyed until The Day of Reckoning. 

He has been portrayed as something that existed before  Progenitors and the Coragdun. But even he is not the orgin of evil he is merely a figure head for a more disturbing evil, one that even makes him submit in fear, beings who cannot feel fear he says will go ravingly insane if they knew what i fear, death is far better for myself they facing the fury of my lord. 

Ancient EscapeEdit

During earths ancient Roman history there was one emperor eviler than he other before him and or after him. His name was Caligula. Caligula was Zenos incarnate as Zenos had used his body as a vessel. It would be the only recorded time in which took a form other than his own. Caligula's rule was said to be the worst in roman history. He was liked for 6 monthes by all then he showed the world what he really was. It is said at this time is devout follower took human form and would wander earths and many other world histories for many centuries to come. 


When the Progenitors and the Coragdun agreed to work together to capture Zenos they had no choice but put him in a prison. To do so they made sure to never allow someone to unlock him. The Progenitors and the Coragdun's agreed to allow the Progenitors to hold the key and so they made it the blood of thier Children the key. Since the Taiidan's were in a different reality they decided it required Taiidan blood since they both believed they would never come to this reality. 

However the one thing that Progenators did not take into account was the newly creation of Black Kalminite which is capapble of escaping the Prison and allows Zenos to transmit and communicate with the omniverse at will.