"He f-king did what!?!" Erex Malren.

Captain Nikolia Knight is man of genius, while not recognized as being an inventor during his early military career it wasn't until after he was made captain of the UGIS Phantasm when is genius for inventing was realized.

The ZR-69 is a reverse engineered weapon from the ZR-57 except that their was no plans nor no device that was dissected to make it. Captain Nikolia Knight figured out in is mind how it worked from what he had heard about it. But he did more than make one he improved it. No longer after the detonation would one have to deal with a permanent blackhole, rather the black hole would lack the required energy after the destruction of the area to exist and the gravity would dramatically stop ending the black hole however all that was sucked in would be compressed into a super heavy element.

The ZR-69 is a galaxy killer. Nearly a 1000lbs of red matter exist in the ZR-69 and none are stored aboard the UGIS Phantasm, they are made when needed and only then. Even among the Taiidans as agreed upon with the Taiidan Emperor who gave authority to Captain Knight that he and only he be the manufacturer and his ship the only vessel allowed to deploy such a device in the time of need. Only in the event of his death should he ever divulge the secrets to the device. However to restrict him from making more requests for Red Matter had to go through both the Emperor and Erex Malren.

No one weapon is more feared than a ZR-69, though rumors persist that this merely stage one of a more powerful device in long term planning. This time those rumors are being taken more harshly with interviews and interrogations of ship personal and those who report it.

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