Astrographical information
  • Ethar (destroyed)
  • Malaius (destroyed)
  • Ophius (destroyed)
  • Orbital weapons platforms (inactive)
  • Orbit to Surface Mass Driver Railguns (inactive)
  • Planetary Ship ring (unfinished)
  • 42 Jump Gates (inactive)

1.22 that of Earth.


8,200 miles

Day Length

25.125 hours

Year Length

375 days


Historically: 70% Nitrogen, 29% Oxygen, 1% variety of gases. Presently: 80% Radon, 10% Chlorine, 5% Ionized Hydrogen, 4% helium, 1% Waste gases.

Surface temperature

Historically: 48- 87 degrees Fahrenheit globally. Presently: 190 degrees average.


Historically: 12.3 Billion When explored: 12 million Presently: 0

Notable Facts
  • The single most successful Supersoldier Program in Universe history.
  • The Site of the Last use of a Coragadun Super-weapon.
  • Historically: Human
  • Historically/Post cataclysm: Human Augments
  • Presently: None
  • Historically: National Governments
  • Presently: none
"Despite Yeltsin being an obscure world, its successful military research project is the only legacy that keeps the world from fading out of history. " Taiidan Historian. 

Yeltsin was once a lush world, now it is a inhospitable toxic wasteland where only the Supersoldiers of that world were capable of suriving on. Picked up by both UGI Explorers and Jin'Huan Travlers, Yeltsin's Supersoldier population eventually vanished from the Planets surface leaving the planet finally void of life and ceased to play a major role in universal affairs since the removal of its population. 

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