XRF-52 Rail Rifle
Rail Rifle
Product information

Taiidan Arms


Assault Rifle

Technical information
Max. Ammo


Magazine size


Weapon Action

Full Auto


500 m

The XRF-52 Rail Rifle is a heavy assault rifle designed to kill and one of the most lethal weapons ever concieved. With the amount of power inside a single rifle it has to be DNA fingerprinted with a UGI chip. Without the chip the weapon is useless. And is entirely impossible to be backwards engineered.


Designed to put holes the size of fist inside of a person; but put it up to most tanks and you have a small arms weapon that is capable of piercing even the toughest armor. It causes soo much heat it pierces the strongest comprised armors for tanks.


It would later find action in several armed conflicts in which the UGI Marines had a confrontation with a armed insurrection. When they were finished they executed every insurrectionist even after surrendering.

The weapon was given to UGI Elite Units.

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