"Listen I assure you we are doing everything in our power to do everything you are asking but you can't expect this over night, we are at least years from a working and safe alternative. You cannot rush these things."
―Director Ari Soa
Wildlife Safety Awareness
Political information
Type of Government

Extremist Activist Group




Rachelle Goras

Societal information
Enemies of State
Historical Information
Formed from

July 4, 2605

WILSAF is an extremist wildlife conservation group that at first was peaceful but turned to extreme measures after the UGI didn't give them the answer they wanted even after the UGI told them they are working on doing just what they are asking, but due to the leaders impatience she wanted it now and it was years from a working prototype, they turned to terrorism to destroy the UGI Biosphere Modification Plant by planting explosive devices, without realizing they are causing more harm to the enviroment then they are helping it.



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