For many thousands of years the galaxy has been long aware of Psychic adept lifeforms. The UGF realizing that these lifeforms could well become superpowerful beings that could either cause chaos or order in the galaxy for either themselves or for others the UGF created the Vulcan Psychic Research Institute or known as (VPRI) to collect and train these indiviuals for studies and breeding programs. 

Only telepaths and those telekinectic abilites on the protege level were accepted or brought forcibly to the compound. 

The goal was to create Psychic commando's capable of eliminating enemy threats from a far and by using Uranian Psychic Amplifiers, create disposable psychics who can be used as an alternate form of weapons and defenses. 

The CompoundEdit

The main VPRI Compound was among the most strongest structures ever built. The reason for its strength was to minmize the possibilty of a subject destroying the compound. Or breaking free. 

Internal DefensesEdit

The Internal Structure of the VPRI HQ was large enough for Ballista MBT to even move around the smallest of corridors. Such vehicals were never used instead Psychic Inhibtors and Rem Crawlers moved along the hallways along with scientists and doctors. To prevent attachments between patients and their overseers all employees were either Vulcan or lacked empathy of any sort. Nonethless some employees did have attachments to their patients and many engaged in relationships that often ended with the employee being dismissed and the patient "punished". 

  • Psychic Inhibtors: were used throughout the complex in all the patients quarters as well as in hallways and in all of the testing labs. 
  • Sedation probes: an all seeing number of probes are used to sedate possible attempted escapes by patients and are used to spy on workers making sure they do not form attachments to their patients. 
  • Obversation Probes: are used by the employees to observe patients who are to powerful to be examined in person. 
  • Croak Droids: are droid made for adminstering psychic accelerant drugs as well as making sure the patients have recieved their medications. They are incredbily strong but look very blank adding to the unloving enviorment of the facility. 

Regarding the Building Stability Edit

Before moving into the structure multiple test were done on seperate worlds employing both Uranians and UGI fleets to Bombard the facilites from orbit. The structure held without melting or even getting hot or broken for nearly 4 months of constant bombardment before begining to weaken. The structure then collapsed in on itself. 

The real structure based off those designs was built on Unitas in a secluded section of the planet to prevent its patients from doing to much damage if they escaped. The only noted success in the project was the creation of Psychot. 

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