Vortex Industries
Vortex Industries
Company information
  • BioTechnology
  • BioTech Industries

Micheal Vortex 1st


Micheal Vortex 1st

Vice President(s)

Micheal Vortex 2nd

Chief financial officer

Micheal Vortex 3rd

Annual/Operating budget

900,000,000,000 IFP Credit monthly





Notable facts
  • Known for the Most ground breaking Biotechnology in the Galaxy
  • Pets
  • Supersoliders
  • Medical Cures
  • Bio replacements

"Compared to AULTech, Vortex Industries is like Ma&Pa Business but what they do is never suspiscious and they never steal other peoples technology. There are few things not to like about them." Sarci Nevron 2509.

Vortex Industries is a minor corporation compared to AulTech Industries but their technology is coveted by AULTech and Division 11. Vortex Industries is the Bleading and leading edge in Biotechnology. There abiltiy to clone species that have become extinct is unrivaled. Every day they create more new forms of life than the coragduns created in the last million years.


In the year 1986, Micheal Vortex created the first Vortex Chamber. The Vortex Chamber became the first and single leading edge technogly That made cloning a feasible Technology. Soon afterward with money from custom pet industry that made kids happy, Vortex Industries took off. For nearly 500 years afterward the vortex chamber got improved as well as got improved and enhanced evetually making the first recovery program of the dinosurs from earth's past. Luckily, Vortex made the, incapable of harming humans. Though that didn't account for the aliens that would eventually come to earth. 

Medical Technology eventually became the prime product in the late 2490's and was highly advanced compared to The IFPand equal to UGI's but was not really useful until after the Corporate War. 

Division 11Edit

Division 11 looked into their technology and aquired some of it after they got the technology the built off of it and improved it greatly for their usage. Using front companies they purchased more biotech than the IFP would. Using the technology to make some diseases as bioweapons. Divison 11 after its purchasing actually began to make up for 45% of Vortex profits under the guise of Biotech Distributors.

Corporate WarEdit

Vortex Industries for a long time knew something was wrong with AULTech Industries. During the war it remained neutral Officailly but off the record it was suppling the UGI with numerous advances in Biotechnology to help the cause of war. The one rule they required of the UGI was that if a disease was made for war Vortex industries would recieve the anditote so that when the war was done they could freely give away the cures. This however wasn't entirely followed up due to Division 11 hiding the evidence, as well as the UGI was unaware what Division 11 was created it was officially found out after the Corporate War that a disease known as Scyk was created but it wasn't linked to the UGI.

After The Coroporate War Edit

Vortex Industries spent nearly all of its budget provideing free medical supplies to both the UGI and the Shattered IFP. During the final cleanup of the Galaxy Vortex industries realized it was close to going out of Business but thanks to UGI and a now restablished IFP and starfleet annual funds were donated to The Industry to keep it running. 

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