"Ooo Just what i need, some Grape Jam for PBJ."

"And i must say it has terrific flavor, especially when it reaches 400 kelvin, I would almost argue you'd inherit an attraction for it."

"What i like most is the can, leave it standing its 8fl oz. Turn it to the side its infinity."

"I like you Rathal your so creative, and it makes me giddy that play my games with me."

"Well you can always learn something from a god, even if that particular one is sinfully playful." Rathal.

"Ooh cruel." Q in conversation over a gift exchange, of Violet matter.


Violet Matter is an unusual compound that was given by Q to Rathal for actually playing along with one of Philosophical Games rather than fight it. The rewarding package has proven to be an edge of success that Rathal used throughout his starfleet career.

Properties Edit

Strangely enough, to any other party other than Rathal the canister is irremovable and to many empty. But if Rathal pours out the liquid the liquid remains. To all who touch it it feels no different than grape jelly, except more oozy, and and even tastes and smells as such and is not harmful to the body of living organisms.

But when heated over 400 kelvin Violet Matter or "Jam" as Rathal refers to it becomes equal if not more dangerous the Red Matter.

What occurs Edit

For many most will tell you a Black hole is the most dangerous element int he universe you can run into, but that is only because they are unwilling to speak of a neutron star that scares them more than any black hole.

That's right a Magnetar. A magentar is a Neutron star with the highest magnetic field observable, so powerful that even 15000 LY from earth it can still ionize the atomsphere and an increase in the electromagentic spectrum. At close range a magnetar is the equivlant of a trillion trillion tesla which is strong enough to rip all iron from your body, or worse strong enough to distort your subatomic structure to the point at which you essentially dissolve.

Thankfully Rathal has discovered a measurement that keeps it well safer than the feared levels, as he once used on a Taiidan Terrorist group he was told to avoid because the taiidans thought he would be unable to withstand their assault, those terrorists all awoke imprisoned with a headaches that lasted for weeks from the electromagnetic shock. His actions while did give him a bruised face from taiidan superior, also gave him a medal for his ability to excel expectations and succeed in what no human had done before.

The secret of the Violet Matter remains a mystery as it was Created by Q and cannot be reverse engineered, nor stolen, as Q made sure only Rathal had access to it.

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