Vaiken Goras
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Date of birth


Date of death


Physical description






  • Assorted

StarDrive - Flash

Hair color
  • Long Brown hair
Eye color
  • White Eyes(Rare)
  • Taiidan Nanites
Chronological and political information
  • Post Corporate War
  • Sorghelli War
  • Post Sorghelli War

Vaiken is a UGI Special Forces member. He specialized in Reconnasiance where he was trained to survive long periods of time far from resupply, and reinforcements. 


A soldier by heart and loyalty above all else is his motto. His dedication to the UGI is second to none, when it came to sacrifice not many people know what that truly meant like him. He put his life on hold for the greater good and it cost more dearly than ever.


Born on Taiidan he became a Special Forces member when he was old enough to join the Military and then Special Forces, where he went through Recon Training. That being said he could be deployed for far longer than most units without back up or support, when his wife was captured while she was pregnant he was as well and he gave one of the greatest sacrifices as he listened to his pregnant wife screaming the intelligence he had if he told the enemy millions would die and all he could say:

"I'm sorry my love, I don't want you to die, but there are millions in desperate need, and I cannot give up on them. -Begins sobbing- Forgive me, and know that I always love you."
―Vaiken to his wife

His wife was executed before his eyes and he didn't speak his facial scars are from the plasma torches they put to his face and his nanites were damaged and didn't heal his face entirely. When he came back from the event he was distrought and went through a deep depression. Erex Malren heard of what happened and went to console Vaiken who became his best friend. Erex flipped a switch in Vaikens mind so to say, by making him remember:

"Your a Taiidan, remember what happens to those who harm your family? Now its time to make them pay, to remember who they fucked with, remember Crystillia and what we did there? Your Taiidan brothers will stand behind you, lets get those Sorghelli and kill every last one of them."
―Erex Malren to Vaiken.

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