Biologial information


Physical information
Average Height




Skin color


Hair color

None, Spines

Physical distinctions
  • Fangs


Other names

The Forerunners

The Vahilr is one of the greatest evils in the Pegasus, they are the conquerors and are found out to be one of the last Progenitor projects ever created. It was later discovered there were refrences in the Operation Zeta on the walls stating "Beware the Vahilr". They could smell the Taiidans on the UGI base in the Pegasus as they were created by a crazed Progenitor to destroy the Taiidans.


Vahilr soldiers

Vahilr Soldiers

The Vahilr soldiers are even more fearsome in their armor then Taiidans and are extremely dangerous however the newer generations of Taiidans are much more fearsome then the Vahilr ever grew but their technology surpassed the Taiidans and they like their creators but they destroyed them with thier weapons.


The Vahilr were created to destroy the Taiidans and yet they wouldn't but they didn't which is why they went to the Pegasus, but they did however didn't like it when the UGI arrived to their sanctuary.

AL Reality Edit

In the Alternate Reality the Vahilr did try to destroy the Taiidans but were inevitably banished to this universe. Like so many races before them they too were contacted by the Rakshi, who after a five year battle (the longest ever recorded with the Rakshi) were wiped out and their technology assimilated and their galaxy made a graveyard of smashed planets.

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