Product information

Carpathian Arms


Light Plasma Rifle

Technical information
Ammo type

High Impact Plasma

Max. Ammo


Magazine size



80 meters

Built and designed after the Sorghelli War, by the newly created Carpthathian arms due to Taiidan Arms being destroyed and the Taiidan species fell but wasn't destroyed. This weapon was an infamous one due to its armor piercing capablities.

Characteristics Edit

Ergonomically designed to lighter so that human soldiers can use it but still required the UGI subdermal tattoo. 


Designed to be used as the primary weapon as the UGI, but with the power to still put any enemy on the ground. This weapon though came into service with SECFORCE remnants using it to protect the UGI worlds. This weapon wasn't as feared as the SOLARIS but it was barely in service. 

Interesting factsEdit

  • Though not as dangerous or powerful as the weapons of the feared Taiidan Arms, this weapon however can be mass produced in a few minutes instead of the 4 hour for the Solaris.
  • This weapon does require a UGI Subdermal Tattoo to work.
  • Its firepower can put holes in infantry armor, and is well known for their devastating attacks. 

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