"You see this weapon? This is God's personal Anti Son-of-a-bitch machine. He personally uses it when he wants a SOB dead, and well he forgot on New Taiidan and the UGI Marines over ran his perimiter took this rifle and put SOB's out of their misery any questions Marines?"
―Commander Verik (UGI Marine Corps)
V-9 Warlord Sniper Rifle
V-9 Warlord Sniper Rifle
Product information



High Powered Sniper Rifle

Technical information
Ammo type

High Impact Plasma

Max. Ammo

25 Rounds

Magazine size



30 miles

The UGI's answer to the need of a High Powered Sniper Rifle. Built by the techs at MMRS this rifle could use satellite's and or UGI vessels scanners to pin point a layout of the area. The weapon gave the old term never argue with someone who can end you from miles away a new breath of life. 



A long distance Sniper took a shot at this soldier and the results.

With its scope having a holographic reticle and can linked to the Sniper's helmet. He is only as accurate as the instruments and must be calibrated once a week to ensure its accuracy. With a weapon's design sporting older styles it does give the UGI a retro look, yet it is one of the more fearsome weapons on the UGI's armory.


When it was designed by the MMRS it was proven in the UGI testing grounds. The Black Codex Soldiers were given it to test it and they put an enemy out 30 miles away. When the weapon was seen by the Imperium they requested to purchase some from MMRS but they refused to sell them on grounds it used UGI technology that wasn't available to the general public. 

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