V-17 "Hades" Artillery
V-17 Artillery
Product information

V-17 "Hades" Artillery


Heavy Artillery

Technical information

17 Miles

The V-17 "Hades" Artillery does as it sounds, it brings fire on the enemy. This multi-barreled Artillery emplacement can be deployed by a single team in tangent with a dropship to land the weapon. It can fire a maximum of 17 miles with enough firepower to effectively lay waste to the enemy fortification.


They are used for one reason and one reason alone to destroy enemy bunkers and fortifications. They are dropped from a heavy lifting dropship to land them in position away from the frontlines and usually near trees or in a empty clearing in a forest where they can hide its weapons signatures. A single four man team can successfully protect the weapon and make the enemy pay dearly. With its firepower not many bases could survive it, and enemy infantry have no chance of surviving it. Each barrage leaves 3 meter craters in the ground and depending on the planet sometimes it has an EMP signature that disables enemy vehicles and Combat Androids.


The weapon was designed by a Taiidan Arms weapons designer, and the weapon he birthed was one of the infantry's worse nightmare. The weapon itself could take down entire units from a single shot, and getting near one was suicidal. Although a four man team was there, those men were carrying heavy machine guns or were on turrets they landed as well.

When the it was used in the Sorghelli War it decimated the Sorghelli soldiers. Every Military installation of the UGI had at least 4 or 5 of them. Some where even built into the walls of the base.

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