United Galactic Initiative
UGI Falcon
Political information
Type of Government

Tyrant Government

Head of State

Erex Malren(AR)

Societal information
Official Currency

UGI Credit

State Holiday(s)


State religious body


Enemies of State


Historical Information
Date of Dissolution


The UGI during the Alternate Reality situation in which an Imperium scientist mistookly activated a Temporal device that didn't do anything until he awoke the next morning finding UGI soldiers lining up Imperium citizens and executing them. He then realized his mistake and tried to contact Michael Trillion who he found out was inprisoned and Enki was destroyed. It would take him 7 years to undo the damage he has done.


This version of the UGI is far more sinister than ever anticipated in fact the citizens lived in constant fear. The UGI hase planted soldiers on every world and refusal to follow orders was execution notices for their family. This dystopian reality became known as the Darkness. The UGI in this reality were tyrants and the Galactic Council abolished and its people executed for being apart of this reality. 

Imperium WarsEdit

In this reality the Imperium fought a war with the UGI and lost in a matter of days, the Imperium Supreme elites were all murdered in cold blood, with the Sorghelli on the UGI's side. The Imperium would fight a constant state of war every few years, when it was found out by the scientist the Taiidans were the leaders of the UGI and they were reverted to their old ways. Rathuras Rathal was brought up to the Imperium Palace encased in chains and places in a Canister that kept him frozen solid unable to move and unable to think.


The dissolution was when the UGI AR was ended when the scientist was able to set things right but when he did not everything was entirely erased and when it was back to normal reality the people of the galaxy feared the Taiidans but the SUpreme ELites were alive. And were wondering what is wrong.

Note: This is a story work in progress.

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