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Kal Krika'n Planet Mininery.

The United Galactic Federation of Star Systems issued a societal tier system to classify societies and governments. 

Tier AlphaEdit

The tier Alpha Society is lowest possible class in the U.G.F.S.S. (more commonly UGF). Can Never join. If found outside their world they can be put on trial and excuted for high treason. 

  • Haven't established a means of intersteller travel.
  • Refused to fight in the Corporate war.
  • Continually hide Scythururk Terrorists from Authorities. 

Tier ZetaEdit

Tier Zeta is a society class that represents a society between Tier Alpha and Tier Beta. (They cannot join until establishing intersteller travel but can be transported back to their own world if they were taken away by force by criminals).

Tier BetaEdit

Tier Beta society is the second lowest society in the Societal tier system. Cannot Join yet.

  • Haven't established intersteller travel.

Tier GammaEdit

Tier Gamma Society is a common society that is just starting out in the galaxy.

  • Must have Intersteller travel.
  • Must be able to construct their own vessels.
  • Must have 2 or more solar systems in their control.

Tier ThetaEdit

Tier Theta is a Society that is between Tier Gamma and Tier Epislon.

Tier EpsilonEdit

Tier Epsilon Society is a society that is similar to 23rd-27th century Starfleet.

  • Must have Intersteller travel.
  • Must be able to construct their own vessels.
  • Must have a form of medical technology
  • Must have teleportation.
  • Must have Phasers or disrupters. 
  • Some kind of shielding.
  • Sensors required.

Tier KappaEdit

Tier Kappa is a level of society between Tier Epsilon and Tier Delta. 

Tier DeltaEdit

UGI and Uranians are listed under tier Delta. 

  • Must be able to construct either gatways or use a differnet form of intersteller drive.
  • Must be able to construct Planetary Rings or Planetary shields.
  • Must be Warp capable even if they don't use warp.
  • Technologically advance compared to the general galaxy.

Tier OmnicronEdit

Tier Omnicron are civilizations that exist between Tier Delta and Tier Omega. By the end of the Corporate War the Uranians achieved this societal tier. 

Tier OmegaEdit

Tier Omega is the highest elite form of Society. it is where it proceeds galactic proportions. Only three races have ever met this tier. Atrox, Kal Krika, and Ancient Uranians. Urbanoes was between Tier Delta and Omega. 

  • Kalminite is widely used in everyday life.
  • Kalminite Weapons are used more often than anti matter.
  • a Society controls its galaxy.
  • The secrets of Gravity are widely understood and technology is heavily used.
  • A society must have Repulse Generators.
  • Graviton Travel is used.
  • Weapon capable of destroying large areas of space are avalible.
  • ECT.

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