The USS Treaty was the first ship to make contact with the Atrox and were also the first ship to make contact with an extraglactic alien survivor.


The USS Treaty was built during the negoatiations of New Romulus. The ship was meant to be the greatest achievment in firepower before the Firestorm Class ships. It is and was the only one of its kind as it was damage beyond repair during the first confrontion with the Atrox.

Unique ExperienceEdit

When the USS Treaty was deliberatly beamed back to Federation space as a warning by the Atrox not to leave the galaxy again. Many technological advantages that the vulcans once kept secret from the federation were given over to Section 31 to begin the construction of the Firestorm class. On board the wreckage small amounts of Kalminite were discovered and later used to Produce the Firestorm. The most unique of what survived was the survivor found amid the extraglactic wreckage. that survivor would become Sarci Nevron.

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