The Firestorm
Product information



Federation Assemblies

System Modifications
  • Kalminite Reactor
  • Advanced Phasor Cannons
  • Experimental Plasma Cannons
  • Hyperwarp MassDrivers
  • Anti-proton Shield Generator


Ship Registry


  • 2 ATA
  • 3 ATA
  • 6 ATA
Technical information

1.5 Kilometers


700 meters


800 meters


2.3 billion tonnes

Max Acceleration

1/4 impulse in 1 second.

Stellar speed

Warp 9.9997

Atmospheric speed

1/8 Impulse

Engine Unit(s)

Quad-Core Nerius Alpha VII

Warp Drive

Hex-core Premium Colira Drive (6 Warp Cores, 7th back up)

Warp speed

Warp 9.9997 Max

Power output

960 Yottawatts

  • Hex-core Premium Colira Drive
  • Quad-Core Nerius Alpha VII
Shield Generator
  • Maximum Absorption 27 Yotta-Joules (per shot, any bit over penetrates shield inflicting damage)

Titanium Alloy

Sensor Range
  • Max Range: 20 lightyears
Targeting systems
  • AI Assisted
  • Maximum Accurate Range: 900,000 kilometers
  • AI Assisted NAVI Navigator
  • Standard fit
  • 12 concealed Heavy Phasors
  • 2 Visible Moderate Phasor arrays
  • 3 Torpedo Bays (Quantum, and Ion)


  • 32 Concealed Heavy Phasors
  • 5 Visible Phasor Arrays
  • 6 Torpedo Bays
  • 3 Ultra Heavy Ion Cannons
  • 1 Hyperwarp Mass Driver Cannon
  • 15 Shuttle pods
  • 3 Fighters


  • 10 Shuttle pods
  • 22 Fighters
Crew requirements


Skeleton Crew




Cargo capacity

450 kilotons


5 year supply (provided the replication gas is used primarily for food)

Other systems
  • Holoclub (located on the back of the ship, Includes 30 Holodecks a Gymnasium, A pool and hot tubs, and Lounge/Bar)
  • Flagship til Enterprise K would be launched
  • To serve as an Exploration, Science, Warship, and Diplomacy Vessel.
Commission date


Date retired

72 ATA

Known battles
  • First Starfleet Coup (1st Major Battle)
  • Corporate War (damaged severely, and refitted thrice)
  • Second Starfleet Coup (Starboard Vaporized, extensive repairs)
  • Taiidan Sorgheli Conflict (A rare one time fix, at Carpathia Shipyards)
  • Atrox Incursion (Almost Decommissioned due to Damages)
  • The Great Federation Revolt (Retired afterward)
  • United Federation of Planets
  • Starfleet
  • UGI
  • Taiidan
  • First Firestorm Brigade (Judgement, and Firestorm Exclusively)
  • Order 46 (during UGI Soregheli War)
  • Task Force Omega (briefly)
  • The Firestorm Brigade (Served Longest)
Task Force
  • Task Force Omega (briefly)
  • United Federation Of Planets
  • UGI
  • Taiidan
Named crew
  • Admiral Archer Kane (Captain and most senior officer)
  • Ensign Jordan Archer Kane (Archer Kane's son, who later moved up the ranks to become its captain)
  • Admiral Archer Kane
  • Captain Jordan Archer Kane
  • (Briefly) Erex Malren
"Impressive isn't she, wish they named her after a flower rather than a deadly force of nature, though." Admiral Archer Kane commenting on his Vessel.

Debriefing Edit

The Firestorm was never meant to be a warship, it was meant to be an explorer, a Foreign relations vessel, a scientific Research ship. It was meant to be anything but a warship, yet none the less it was given weapons for protection, but as the years wore on and after the Taiidan Arrival more and more of her systems were converted for war. Her wide windows were to be used to give unbelievable galleries of the stars. Her engines were equipped to be fast enough to flee rather than fight, and she was equipped to hold out rather than fight.

Designed to be the flagship of an era of peace, what quickly escalated into an era of strife. Transition following the Taiidan arrival was difficult and bloody, Especially with extra-galacta-phobic species. The Borg became an increasing problem, as did several other Delta and Beta Quadrant civilizations.

But perhaps the single most disappointing feature of the Firestorm was the Its massive 60 meter high observation window which doubled as a theater and a situation room was had to be replaced with a bulkhead removing the awe inspiring observation gallery.

History Edit

Currently Docked at Starbase 9 the Firestorm awaits to be deployed with its UGI counterpart The Judgement, and its crew for its first mission following its refit, to propose a Diplomatic and cultural Exchange with the Fluidics in the Delta Quadrant while the UGIS Judgement had its own affairs with the Borg to take care of.

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