Product information

Unknown: Section 666


Section 31



Technical information

4952 meters


1960 meters


968 meters

Warp Drive


Warp speed


Power output

1.7 peta watts

Shield Generator

1.3 peta watt Energy absorbent shields


Unknown: stronger than Neutronium

Sensor Range

245 lightyear range


576 Phasor arrays


67,000 Quantum torpedos


3000 Automated Fighters/Bombers

Crew requirements


Skeleton Crew



Prisoners 195


20 year supply

Other systems

Gravometric Phase Inhibitor/Streamer


Eliminate the federation and start up the Starfleet Coalition

Commission date


First sighting


Date of destruction


Known battles

San Francisco Holocaust


Eric Maxiumus

The USS Devastator is second ship in the Firestorm Class. Like its sister ship the Devastator easily dwarfs nearly every ship it comes across. This ship however was destroyed by Rathal and Erex Malren in what would be known as the Section 31 intersteller conspiracy. It would be the destruction of this ship that would cause the eventual disbanding of Section 31.

It would be this ship which would live on in infamny in starfleet history for hundreds of years to come along with its captain Eric Maxiumus. 

Unique changes in the Firestorm classEdit

The changes made with the Devastator were great indeed the ship was practicly twice the mass of the Firestorm and lacked a Kalminite reactor. Instead to provide a formidable amount of power and strenght an unknown alloy was used that exceeded the strength of the neutronium hull that the Firestorm has. the ship uses a Pyrocore (or in laymen's terms 16- 45 deck tall warp cores capable of producing over 1.5 peta watts of power. The ship lacked the Null banks of the Firestorm but had over 3000 fighters that could easily make most starships fall without having the Devastator actually fight. The ship also had a new experimental weapon that was capable of causing black holes to be unable to exist nearby and render all black hole weapons useless. It could also cause the teutonic plates of planets surface to be lifted up to orbit then dropped back down in a pile driver sequence. 

The Section 31 plot Edit

Section 31 was given charge by 3 starfleet admirals who dreamed of controling all the worlds the Federation had and wanted to make the Starfleet Coalition. This Coalition would be highly militant and would use aliens as the ground troops while humans would be the strategists of the battles. The goal was to unify the galaxy. 

The devastator was ordered to attack both Starfleet headquarters and the federation headquarters to destabilize the power of the federation to allow the Admirals to take over the Federation. The Devastator completely destroyed San Franscisco and also leveled the Breen homeworld and its fleets were destroyed. It would be the Tholians who would attempt to be the first to make peace with the Coalition during the 30 day struggle for power. The Coalition was terminate when the devasator was destroyed as at that time it was the main base of operation for the Coalition. 

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