UGI War Academy
Academy information
Date of Establishment


Prestige Level


List of Departments
  • Defense Department
  • Intelligence
  • Classified
  • UGI





Grand Marshall Raku


Fleet Admiral Volra

In Honor of

"All those who have fallen before us."

The UGI War Academy is the highest military academy ever known in the UGI history. Its actually the hardest academy to get into for the type of knowledge you can attain here; many graduates of the Trillion Academy find it hard to get in for one reason many of them do not want to sign their lives over to the UGI. Attaining a scholarship to the school is a highly prestigous event and the school works with the Trillion Academy with their defense department to get their students over to the UGI War Academy. The only catch is that once entry dropping out is illegal and punishable by prison time and you become property of the UGI Armed Forces upon entry. However its students that graduate are the future leaders of the UGI.


The UGI War Academy only accepts the brightest and most promising the UGI citizens have to offer while the Trillion & Vasikov Academy is considered the "Best in the Universe" as the slogan states many professors state the War Academy is only better in the Defense Department due to it only staffs active Duty personnel to teach and its only active and available to UGI citizens; while the Trillion & Vasikov is open to others. 

This doesn't mean its superior only in war application as many students find it extremely hard but the dedication to get into it means a 5.0 average and a contract of 12 years of Military Service and the UGI covers the 4.5 million dollar fees to get into the school. Graduating from the War Academy grants you an Lieutenant or O-1 rank from which branch you choose.


The Regeant War Memorial was built on the War Academy grounds and anyone may go visit this memorial. The School was built on the same designs as a UGI Command Center granted it was the best choice however this was also a great consolation to know that the UGI took great care in its students. The school is on a 2500 acre plot of land with Physical training grounds, swimming pools to help train. Its rumored that graduates who excel at the Physical part of the schooling are automatically candiates of a classifed project known as TOPARUS; this isnt true though they are given an option to join the Black Codex Program though once they hear of it they are automatically inducted and are augmented.

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