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UGI Temporal Corps
UGI Temporal Corps
Agency information
Agency type

Temporal Police Force

Date of formation



UGI Division 11, Cipher Division




UGI Operative





Parent Agency




The UGI Temporal Corps is a police force created to protect the timeline from those who would abuse it. By hiding their temporal device in places that not even the rest of the UGI would know about. Even Ian Matter didn't know where this device nor the HQ was nor did he know of its existence. 


The technology used by the Temporal corps wouldn't be normal instead they were using technology that if was publicly used the UGI would have been thousands of years more advanced. The armoring they wear is the exact same but instead of armor plates the armor uses strings that when detecting a type of energy or projectile touch it turn into heavy armoring. Using micro beaming technology these strings literrally beam from digital data the armor plating that is stored in their armor and for the time they are being shot at it is heavy but once they exact combat they armor returns to its light build. If the operative is mortally injured he uses a device that erases his entire link to the reality he is from making him never existed and no one knows he ever did. This was to prevent any errors to the timeline. 

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