UGI Societal Tiers is a system that allows the UGI to classify societies, and governments to determine if they can join the UGI.

Tier Omega Edit

The UGI rarely enjoy giving a Society the coveted position of Tier Omega. Namely the reason being that the Society is superior to the UGI and the Taiidan race. In most circumstances these societies are among the first to attack because the UGI cannot allow anyone to overtake them.


  • Have Constructed a sophisticated Intergalactic Jump Network, whether in the past, or are using a superior means of travel.
  • Have broken and casually use Warp 10
  • Have medically advanced technology that can deny death its prize.
  • Control three or more galaxies, without any uninhabited systems.
  • Unable to count the amount of military assets.

Tier AlphaEdit

The UGI is a Tier Alpha society. This means that they are the highest tier society that is around in the galaxies. Individual planets or Empires wishing to join the UGI must have Tier Alpha status.


  • Must be able to build Jump Gates
  • Must be able to construct Planetary Shielding and Planetary Rings
  • Must be warp capable.
  • Must be medically advanced.

Tier BravoEdit

This is the second class of tier this is a tier that is allowed into the UGI but will be watched.


  • Must be medically advanced.
  • Must be able to construct their own vessels.
  • Must have 2 or more solar systems in their control.
  • Must be warp capable.

Tier OlarisEdit

This is the lowest class of society in the UGI. Anyone in this tier may not be able to join the UGI. This is due to they are not warp capable.