UGI Security Clearance's are for levels of knowledge within the UGI as well of projects. They are there for a reason to ensure untrustworthy cannot gain access to the most intimate of information pertaining to the UGI.


The lowest of security clearances it is given to the basic soldier to ensure his mission parameters. Basic training required.


Kept for commanding officers of trust to ensure they are in loop. Can access level 3 consoles.


Only the higher members of UGI are given. They can acess level 2 computer consoles. Captain of ships are automatically given it.


Division 11 and her projects have this classified status. It ensures they have access to all UGI.


Although rumors of this clearance exist and some use it. It is nonexistant in the UGI. Division 11's Black Codex are the most secret. Information pertaining to abovecryptlevel maybe labeled that to limit who in crypt can view it. UGI's top clearance is crypt anything beyond it doesn't exist except to limit who in crypt. Abovecryptlevel was made void following the defeat of Shao, and Cafre.

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