UGI Scout
The UGI Scouts is a group of highly trained UGI Reconnassiance soldiers who specialize in scouting missions in which they are heavily and grossly outnumbered. Providing intelligence to the rest of the UGI ground forces they however do see a short lifetime due to the fact that if captured they commit suicide. 


Their training regime is actually one of the most harshest for regular soldiers. Having to endure stun rifles that give the body a jolt of nearly 800 volts of electricity every single round to see how they will survive if fired from a pulse weapon. They however then must be able to survive on any enviroment far from UGI resupply lines and that even means hunt their food and prepare it. They are also trained in self-combat repairing; where they must triage their selfs to ensure the mission is a success. 


Their equipment ranges from Pulsar Rifles to Scout Rifles; and in doing this ensure their mission is successful no matter what. Their scout rifles albeit only single shot they do put down nearly any target down in that one round with the power of a Sniper Rifle in the format of an Assault Rifle perfect for hunting targets. They are also the people that if they have the ability to they will eliminate any high ranking official while they are in the area but pull out for the rest of the UGI forces.


THe UGI Scouts have been placed on worlds that are far from UGI resupply to not only map out topographic maps for ground troops; even with satellite scans the eyes and ears of a Scout are more valuable then any Satellite as he has a full grasp of any situation from dangerous fauna to who is really there like tribes that are aggressive or passive. They were even dropped on an Abondoned part of Earth an old Array that was standing for 150 years and the scout realized there was more then meets the eye on Earth when he saw scavengers dragging a Federation body and buried him alive. 

Scouts were invaluable during the Corporate War as they sought out the enemy forces and did guerrilla attacks. They tend to work in pairs or teams up to five Scouts and with some of the best SpecForce training in survival and SERE they are some of the UGI's most lethal ground troops. 

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