UGI Planetary Ring
The UGI's best planetary defense, it hasn't been recorded to ever been taken down, nor has  been shutdown. These defenses are actually quite useful as they are billions of satellites armed with Photon cannons that fire at the enemy, as well behind it is a structure much like a ring around the planet. It takes the UGI nearly 7 years to build one ring around a planet. This defense though is still a prototype that is on every world. Due to each planet being different it has different side effects. Its been a working prototype for 20 years and all the kinks still haven't been fully fixed.


Construction of these defenses are extremely long and tedious effort. It can take anywhere from 6 months with thousands of Android workers to even years depending on the amount of rings a planet has. As construction is to build them in a way to not keep ships out but to defend the planet. They are strong enough to repel UGI Leviathans.

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