Logistics Dock
Logistics Dock
Technical information
Station Type
  • Military Refuel/Refit
  • Military Defense station
  • 10 250 gJ Shielding Generators
  • 150 Light Plasma Cannons
  • 15 Disruptor Cannons
  • 30 Ion Cannons
  • 1 Pulse Cannon


  • Ship Refuel
  • Ship Refit
  • Makeshift Military Platform


The UGI Orbital Logistics Dock is one of the largest space stations ever constructed by the UGI. There are two parts to the station in the image shown. The ESD is the size of the bottom part. This space station was designed and constructed to refuel, and refit entire UGI fleets in deep space if the mission needed it. When the time came it can be a station to be feared in combat, as it was heavily armored and armed to do just that, to protect the commodities onboard. With stations this size it was apparent to the enemy the UGI meant business when it came to its fleets.


When the UGI began constructing these statioms they were building them to keep combat and mobile fleets refueled in deep space. The construction of it took 5 years and began to construct more of them by replicating sectionss of them.

Known DocksEdit

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