Erex Malren after Quorra

Although they wear the same outfit as Erex Malren, the UGI Operatives are post Sorghelli War Intelligence agents. These Intel field workers were trained to deal with Sorghelli if they returned as well as fight Imperium Elites as a last resort. Cipher 2 trained these soldiers became the UGI's newest generation of Ciphers.


No longer where the Cipher's using Vendetta gear instead they wear the same style of armor as the UGI's military except they use light armor and are heavily trained to be extremely flexible. Most of the warriors in this gear are great at parkour and can take down an enemy by bounding off walls to the point they can subdue the Omegal Legion with only their hands due to their highly trained revolutinary gear. This is may not kill them but they can be captured. The UGI without anyone knowing sent these agents in the future to train and brought them back with knowledge on how to advance there skills. However they cause no errors in the timeline. 


TD-9 Wetwork
Using the best equipment the UGI can build and provide. Using a version of the Overwatch gear they can easily take down their target up close and afar.


These were the UGI's agents that were trained to deal with anything, but their primary reason was they would use UGI built Temporal devices and go into the future or past and repair timelines once the UGI saw the potential wrong use of this technology. They wore the armor that was similar of Erex Malren's.

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