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The UGI Navy is the largest naval force in the Novan galaxy however the biggest issue it has is it is soo big. To the point that SECFORCE had to take 1/3 of the UGI Navy and put it to work as SECFORCE Security fleets.


The UGI Navy was created within days of the UGI being created, they were tasked with the protection of the worlds that were under their banner and to make things even worse is that they were created during the time of a Galactic War called the Novan Wars.

Within months of the UGI Navy being formed they fought hard and long to protect thier worlds three months after their first major battle they took control of an entire region five years of fighting they now controlled 16 regions of space and has since been building up its fleets to protect the worlds in their control. The UGI Navy has long held the traditions of its spacefaring Sailors that they be the best of the UGI in showing Honor and Courage. As they went to the depths of the galaxy to eradicated the enemies of the UGI.

Novan War Edit

During the Novan War the UGI Navy showed its commitment to the UGI by pitting their ships against larger fleets in efforts of protecting UGI worlds. Even when they were heavily outnumbered the UGI always showed its tenacity and its ferocity in combat. When the UGI was pulled into the Milky Way they kept the galaxy in fear with the Marines and the army by their side the Milky Way saw the destructive nature and power the UGI had during the Corporate War.

Corporate War Edit

The AulTech Corporation thought they had it all and pitted against the UGI in a sad attempt that only begotten their destruction with a sleeping giant as the Navy. With the Navy having as many as 30,000 ships and even more in storage it wasn't a good thing that the AulTech awoken the UGI in a way that the entire Navy was pulled out and shocked the galaxy with the massive amounts of vessels under her domain.

Sorghelli War Edit

During the Sorghelli War the UGI never in her entire history has ever come this close to total annilihation nor as the entire Navy was nearly destroyed with as little as 50 Corvettes survived the war, as the UGI would sacrifice their vessels by putting them over worlds that the Sorghelli were aiming at and held the line usually meant the men onboard met their fate but they were all honored in the end. The UGI showed how fast they could rebuild right after the war she rebuilt her navy and rebolstered her ranks in a way the galaxy hasn't seen before and shocked the galaxy once again.


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