UGI Jump Gates
Technical information
Station Type

Jump Gate

  • 800 gW
  • None
  • Protected by 80 Fighter Squadrons
  • Allow ships to travel across galaxy.

Jump Gates are the UGI's answer to traversing an entire galaxy in a mere hours instead of months and years. With active jump gates the UGI can send vessels the distance of the USS Voyager's journery 75,000 lightyears in a matter of 6 hours. 


This structure shows that is is some kind of Transwarp hub that only activates for UGI vessels. These ships do need to have warp fields around them to go into the Jump Gate, and it accelerates them many times faster then warp 10.0, it doesn't require another Jump Gate to activate and send to but the ship will have to make the journey home the long way. These gates must be noted that they are extremely large and can accomadate for the famed UGI Leviathans which are 11,000 meters plus to enter in about an hour. The immense size and cost to build these is justified when it can be the difference of saving civilian lives or escaping combat.


  • Jump Gates are highly radioactive and require vast amounts of power to charge them. Vessels are not to go into a Jump Gate without raised shields.
  • Jump Gates when detonated can cause a chain reaction. If a ship is in a field the ship will be launched into space. Entering these jump gates are a nessecary risk.
  • Jump Gates do not accomadate for Black holes or singularities and its possible to be pulled into the black hole while in its field.

Safety FeaturesEdit

  • When a UGI planet is being occupied the Jump Gates will lock and cannot be used. Trying to open it up and extract technology is also a reason for it to lock up. If successful override the Jump Gate detonates.
  • Only activates to UGI vessels, IFP, and AULTECH vessels will enter it but will not go into the field and will fly right through it, while the UGI vessel is launched.
  • They are highly shielded from the effects of UGI weaponry. UGI vessels can only target them if the shield is collapsing.

Types of Jump GatesEdit

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