The Black Protocols is a set of orders that gives UGI Intelligence direct jurisdiction to eliminate enemies of the UGI in any territory and region it also gave its Ciphers the jurisidiction to eliminate anyone that maybe a threat to the UGI. 


  • Anyone who escapes UGI space that is a threat to our security is to be hunted down mercilessly, and will be eliminated. None should survive, if your target has a weakness exploit it.
  • Lorem Ipsum is a threat to the UGI but he shouldn't be killed yet. If he launches an attack on UGI or harms UGI citizens he will be eliminated and the entire Imperium is to feel our wrath.

The list goes on. No one outside of the briefing room was ever told of the black protocols and there wasn't a written manifest of them the Agents and Ciphers memorized them.

People on ListEdit

  • Lorem Ipsum for his comments that the UGI are going to destroy the galaxy. Should he make a move the UGI will destroy everything he has built.
  • Da3209 - Data corruption, you are not authorized to see list.

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