The room where all the decisions of the UGI are made.

The UGI HIGHCOM is also known as the High Command. They make all the military decisions of the UGI and also brief the president of the UGI on the status of the military. The facility they meet is one of the most well protected stations fleet wise and has enough marines onboard to invade some cities. They are also the primary hub for most of the UGI's data Traffic. Whenever a situation arises the members of the High Command meet here and discuss the situation. The station as well as fleet are cloaked with specialized cloaking devices that keep the station from being detected. The fleet that protects it is known as the 5th Shadow Fleet. It is in orbit of Carpathia.


A station this large for only 12 members of the HIGHCOM this is the epitomy of UGI structure. Exterior has derexium plating and four meters of Transparentsteel to protect the members. However its membership is entirely classified with OVERCRYPT. Ian Matter although is one of the highest ranking members of the UGI he is not in the High Command. It has 4 Generals from the UGI Marine Corps, 4 Admirals of the UGI Navy, 4 Generals from the UGI Army, and 4 Air Marshalls of the UGI Air Force. SECFORCE doesn't have members in it as they are the police force. SpecForce has one member from each branch representing them as UGI Intelligence's chief is also a member of the Security Council but not High Command. 


HIGHCOM has planned entire wars, as well as made preparations for wars that may come. They decided the budget is to be as equal as possible depending on the situation at hand though. There was only one breach in the UGI Command Fortress and this was an accidental situation where UGI Commandos were told an unknown station was in orbit of the capital not aware this was HIGHCOM they penetrated the fortress the same way and since the vessels were not UGI colors they assumed this must be a splinter faction of the UGI that is rogue. Once inside the battle begun they surrendered once surrounded by UGI Marines and were held on Court Martials. They were aquitted of all charges when their defense was SpecForce wasn't aware the station was located here and bad intelligence was given. This is why SpecForce was given access to the UGI Station. As well as each branch was given an additional member to accomdate the Special Forces of each branch in SpecForce.

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