A UGI Group is very different not very large but not small in size. They are small enough to be underestimated but large enough to deal deadly blows to enemy forces. Sometimes they are even large to take down enemy planetary forces.

Carrier Strike GroupEdit

A Carrier Strike Group has around 10 Carriers or Fleet Carriers filled with Fighters and Bombers and use overwhelming force of fighters to take down their enemy fleets. While the fighters take down the other fighters and distracting the enemy capital ships it allows the bombers to lay waste to their enemy capitals. These are also known as Fighter Swarms, and Bomber Swarms. This type of group is the most common in the UGI Navy due to its inherent success.

Battleship Strike GroupEdit

The worst fear of any sane adversary of the UGI, is to have a 10 Dieces-class Battleships arming their weaponry at them. This is the most devastating type of Strike Group due to the power of the Battleships. They can tear their enemies apart and yet still recieve a beating none should have to endure and these groups are some of the strongest, loaded with Fighters and UD-18 Ion Bombers

Planetary Strike GroupEdit

This is composed of Heavy Cruisers, this group is strong enough to take down Planetary Defenses and take down the enemy at hand with such overwelming force that enemy planetary shields don't stand a chance. They also have Carriers filled with Fighters and Heavy Bombers, as well with Fleet Carriers filled with Troop Transports. These are the invasion forces.

Light Strike GroupEdit

This is a group filled with support vessels such as Destroyers and Corvettes. They can be mobilized to aid any of the other groups on a moments notice.

Reconnaissance GroupEdit

Using Scout Ships these groups can map out entire regions of space in a matter of days when working together overtime. They also use cloaking generators to remain hidden and plan attacks for the UGI Navy  based on what they discover.

Logistics GroupEdit

Filled with logistic vessels such as resupply ships, repair vessels and medical vessels. However they are never sent out by themselves They always have a Light Strike Group assigned to them.

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