UGI Command Centers are considered the epitomy of security. Not easily broken into, and not easily destroyed. They are considered some of the strongest structures in the galaxy due to the amount of shielding erected around these structures.


Its actually unknown how many levels are built underneath these structures but it is known there is at least 30. Rumor has it all the UGI Command Centers on a planet has a tunnel system to another, this hasn't been proven as no one without clearance has been able to prove it and anyone with clearance hasn't spoken.

Built with a super structure that would make most engineers marvel and the fact that these structures has been recorded to survive the greatest of castorphes. The most amazing part about thier construction is they are built in months yet no one sees nor hears the construction. Due to the total secrecay of the interiors civilians have actually never seen the interior to its fullest. 


They were built to do as they sound, command the military. There are few structures with its capability with antenanaes around the structure they can act as an early detection. They have dishes that are designed to detect unauthorized Warp burst and has can command an entire planet's defenses to come online. They were built during the Novan War and they were built so well they were hard to destroy. The exterior of the structure is actually Derexium as well as a metal that is classified to this date and no one has been given authorization to study it.

Every major military branch actually has one of these on a every planet they have an operating base. They are also one for the planets defenses only. 


  • No one who doesn't have CRYPTLEVEL security clearance has ever gone to the tunnel system at level -45. It as well hasn't ever been inflitrated as sensors below the structure are incredibly adept at detecting cloak. They found Scythuruk who were considered the best for awhile and erected a ray shield around them.
  • These structures are never seen in construction as they are cloaked during construction and their are dampners placed around so no one hears the sound of construction. They just appear out of no where.
  • These are some of the most secure structures in the galaxy. The Imperium took notice of these structures when constructing the Ipsum Palace though never fully acknowledging it some of the security features are based off of the UGI's.
  • These structures can command an entire planet's defense network. 
  • They act as an early warning detection as they can detect warp jumps and alert SECFORCE of unauthorized Warp.
  • There are 45 around the galaxy that are known. The rest are considered Black Sites.
  • They can act as a prison if built for that.
  • Level -55 on Cipher Structure is where the Black Codex was born.

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