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The UGI when creating these super soldiers made laws and regulations to ensure they couldn't be used against them.


  • When creating these soldiers if they do not have to adhere to any law or regulation that is questionable in the sense of putting harm to civilian.
  • If they don't exist due to security clearance they don't exist to Codex. They are allowed to disobey.
  • UGI Codex Soldiers cannot be given any chip that allows mind control nor armor have any components used that allow third party to control. Even UGI.
  • These soldiers must have free will but follow orders. They are only answerable to one person Erex Malren due to his years of combat service and knowledge of Advance tactics.
  • If an individual is scanned and not in database of personnel a salute even if higher rank is not to be given.
  • Anyone who overrides thes protocols is to be eliminated.

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