UGI Capital

Here you have a structure that not only states the power of the UGI but it is also a place of safety. The UGI has stated that in the event of an enemy attack on Carpathia that its citizens should enter the Capital building as underneath it is a super-structure maze of tunnels and shelters. It actually has four entrances one on each side of the structure in the center of the city. But has entry tunnels at every major city in the event of attack. Each entrance is one of the most guarded places with Special Forces protecting them with Mounted HMG's and turrets.


Built to make a name for the UGI it was synonmous with safety and dedication to its people so much that the first president to reside in the structure made it illegal for people to be turned away in the event of attack. He ordered a super-structure to be built underneath it to ensure the military safety of its civilians and that they couldn't be turned away provided they had the subdermal tattoo. Even visiting civilians without the tattoo were admitted to the super-structure but known soldiers were held outside.

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