The UGI Acceleration Gate was the pinnacle of UGI technology it allowed any ship to enter the gate and be instantly transported to the UGI controlled Carpathian system. It was built after the Corporate war and allowed IFP and UGI to transport in seconds.


This was large enough to accomadate the UGI Leviathan USS Atrox, as well as being the largest structure in the Sol System. This would allow any ship to instantly travel to the other system nearly 85,000 lightyears away. The gates were maintained by Androids  that Cybertech built and each gate was heavily armed and armored. The loss of one gate while in transit will cause the vessel to continually travel at the speed it was going. This gate uses the warp drive to create a warp field and accelerate a ship nearly 100 times the Transwarp speed and continually increases the speed over time.

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