UGIS Phantasm
Product information

Carpathian Shipyards


Advanced Capital Ships



Technical information

21000 meters


7000 meters


5000 meters


roughly 7 times the mass of the Judgement.

Stellar speed

Warp 10

Warp speed


Shield Generator

1.22 Yotta Watts


Derexium,Nuplarium hull


"I can think of only one non retired Captain who could deserve such a vessel, and that would be Nikolia Knight." Taiidan High Admiral. 

The UGIS Phantasm is the very latest in large scale Stealthed Capital ships and was considered to be flawless, by Taiidan Engineers. It was the first of its class and was the first Captial ship to feature a double armoured bulkhead so that should devastating damage occur in battle a second bulkhead could continue to protect the ship even after the destruction of the first bulkhead. The ship was presented to the very hestitant for Promotion Captain Nikolia Knight. 

Rumors persist that several new Recruits may or may not be Members of Saris, For whatever reason it is also rumored that Captain Knight May have to come to an understanding with them. (as in only between him and them, not the rest of the UGI)  

Another Rumor persists of a deadly new weapon known as a ZR-65 which is said to exist aboard the UGIS Phantasm. A singularity device that could wipe out a galaxy single handedly. Although not verified this information has been analyzed by the Division 11 which again as before came up with a Neither confirming nor Denying report.  

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