The UGI is in the Milky Way, but due to the nature of the UGI, it was already within days of its arrival, a vast military power. This came to cause issues as it did offset the balance that the galaxy already knew and enjoyed. With this new group came its vast differences. (( Use Heading 3 for the RP so it will not mess with the format, Each Heading 2 0r denoted by == will be a new chapter. Each === is a new person or event speaking ))


The vessel was patrolling the Omarin Sector of space when all of a sudden a gravity well out of nowhere keeps the Judgment from going into Warp; when the ship sent out an SOS it wasn't recieved. But out of nowhere unknown transmissions from a so called Federation.

"This is Federation space you are in violation of the Warp Protocols within this sector. You are to board Earth Space Dock and prepare to be boarded."

What was this? Captain Malren looked they were still in the Novan Galaxy what was Earth? Only a blink of an eye they were in front of the Earth Space Dock when four Miranda Class Starships began to charge weapons the Captain ordered all plasma cannons to open fire. As Charging weapons was considered an act of war in the midst of a UGI vessel. The plasma cannons charged up when it unleashed a bolt of plasma that burned right through the shields of the ship and when it touched the armor burned a hole right into the hull. The Judgement turned its weapons to any ship in the area and opened fire leaving several ships destroyed and unrepairable. When the dust settled as to say the Federation called for a Cease Fire.

Captain Malren in combat armor boarded the Earth Space Dock but when federation soldiers aimed their weapons at Erex he walked up to them and with a single arm he snapped the first person head straight off watching it roll to the ground he looked at the other Federation soldier who opened fire on him. But even though it burned his face when the bolt of Phaser energy touched him his eyes turned a distinct yellow from their usual Bright flourescent blue. When a Admiral told the soldier to stand down. It was already too late.

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