UGF Acceleration Gate
UGF Hypergateway
Technical information
Station Type

Acceleration Gate

  • Repulse Generator MK3
  • Subspace Feedback Emmiters
  • Quad Phasor Turrets
  • Allow ships to travel across galaxy.
  • Send ships beyond the galaxy to colonize.

"It would have been easier just to have negotiated with UGI for their Jump Gate Technology, than to have tried to get the Uranians and UGF scientists to create the same technology. "

"But think of what we accomplished, we were able to eliminate several of the UGI's Dangers with their Jump Gates." 

"But at what cost?" Two UGF technology contractors talking over the UGF Acceleration Gates. 

Back storyEdit

Understanding that the UGI preferred to remain as provisional members instead of sharing their technology and adopt UGF traditions created uneasiness among the UGF. To counter the need to ask for Jump gates or to crawl to the Uranians for their gravity driven ships the UGF came up with a proposal that led to an accident remains unforgettable to this day. 

Working with the Uranians the UGF created Acceleration Gates which would not require a network to travel by. Ships could enter the Acceleration Gates without shields for the radiation element of the Jump Gates was removed. While removing that feature a new power source had to be created the solution was a total of 8 Gravity Core's that supplied power to to the Acceleration Gate. However like the UGI Jump Gates, black holes and other singularities were not accounted for while in transit. 

The AccidentEdit

The accident occurred on star-date 324525.3210299338. The event lives on as a tragedy. The USS Firestorm was leaving Star-base 01 (which was still under reconstruction). Captain Rathal and his ship were leaving to explore Urbanoes for reports of raiders had been sited there possibly looking for biological Technology that was still available. The Captain's plan was to investigate and if need be eliminate the raiders. As the ship was within 12 kilometers of the acceleration gate a bright flash from the Kalminite emitter was reportedly seen and the ship went into warp while the acceleration gate was activated. As the ship went through the Acceleration Gate also Overloaded sending the ship far beyond the galaxy. As result of this accident every single Acceleration Gate whether under-construction or not would be dismantled immediately. Planets not comply with this order would have their gates shot down. 

Ammending the Constitution Edit

The first amendment the UGI ever added was the the banning of any kind of Acceleration Gates that could not function with ships going to warp in them. Any Acceleration Gates afterward retained far less range and were prone to the same problems as the UGI's Gateways ever afterward. The Gravity Cores used by the Uranians were dismantled personally by them and their technology returned to them. However this began a unsteadiness with the Uranians which would eventually make them come to the brink of war with the UGF and had it happened there would have been no galaxy left to colonize. 

"That cost." One of the two Technology Contractors talking to the other just before their execution. 

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