The Treaty of Earth is the official treaty between the United Federation of Planets and the United Galactic Initiative.

Terms of the TreatyEdit

Although known to be from a different reality and being technologically superior than Starfleet the UGI personnel that are in the normal reality will be allowed to:

  • Build thier own military bases with unhindered starfleet regulations and may colonize up to 9 planets to build their own powerbase.
  • The UGI may not attack Starfleet vessels nor board them without expressed permission.
  • The UGI may choose to share technology provided that Starfleet may not use it for war.
  • The UGI may choose to move any vessels they build anywhere in Federation space.
  • Starfleet may not board UGI vessels under any circumstances due to the possibility of seeing technology that may alter the course of the galaxy.
  • The UGI has permission and its personnel have authorization to Starfleet Intelligence Records, Section 31 records and may enter such facilities.
  • UGI may not share weaponry, nor can it share armor only medicinal technology and must be administered by a UGI doctor.
  • UGI may clone its own but may not make clones or use templates not from their reality.
  • UGI is not limited to how many vessels they have but may not participate in any Starfleet war unless it can cause the collapse of Starfleet and the UFOP.

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