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Tis'atid is a Tel'tadian from the Novan Galaxy. She would later marry Erex Malren as diplomatic reasonings. However she would later bear him 7 children.  Her beauty is what attracted him to her and when she agreed to marry him she would boost her immune system to be with her love.


For Tel'tadian she is very open about her feelings as well as her ideals. Though she is married she doesn't like war nor death but will support her husband due to him being a soldier this doesn't mean she doesn't voice her opinions. Shenis also very protective of her husband and children. While on earth she encountered anti UGI protesters and went off on them as she knows Erex would be hurt after all the sacrifices he has made.


Meeting Erex on the USS Judgment when evacuating the UGI colony world during the Sorghelli War. She being unmarried and her father to further relations between her race and Taiidans her father presented her to Erex for a union in marriage. She was unsure of marrying Taiidan but when she married Erex she soon realized how sensitive he was behind the Taiidan exterior. She would later divorce Erex so he could return to his first love Quorra. She married Sergei-82

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