Tholian Tarantula
Tholian taratula
Product information


Technical information

2070 meters


Fore Weapons

  • Thermionic Torpedo Launcher
  • Tetryon Beam Array
  • Tetryon Dual Beam Bank

Aft Weapons

  • Tetryon Dual Beam Bank
  • Thermionic Torpedo Launcher


The Tholian Tarantula is one of the largest non-borg ships in the galaxy at 2070 meters this vessel isn't easily destroyed nor is it possible to take it on with a single. They use multi-phasic shielding with highly advanced technology. The Tarantula is more powerful than the USS Firestorm for one reason, it has been proven by Starfleet Temporal Corps this ship is from the future, 2000 years in the future.


Known for its highly advanced red shielding that actually will absorb enemy fire and put it to work by using the amount of energy taken from the phaser turning it into energy to power their ship and their shielding, and many have noticed that the Tholian Tarantula is vulnerable to projectile weapons, but not to Torpedos.

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