Metropolis 2106

A Large Plaza in the Convention District

The Universal Citzenship Convention or UCC is stationed on the terraformed world known as Ailus III. The world has no native sentient species and was created to be the Poltical Adminstration center for the universe. 


Seeking a more passive way to rally new civilizations and peoples from beyond the universe to a single banner instead of conquering them, a more aggressive but less violent soultion was sought by housing Poltical and cultural Convention world which would introduce to alien and native species to the universe to their favored cultures and under which government the benefits suit them best. 

Because the world was a showcase world and not an actual citzenship application world the moons of Ailus III both natural and artificial constructed handled the actual application to the valued the nation, and whom to swear allegiance to. 

Cultures represented and offeredEdit

  • United Federation of Planets (human) (A sturdy group that hasn't grown beyond the galaxy in which earth remains in) 
  • Imperium Remnants (Old Imperium)( Considered to be a stagnant choice due to absence of the Imperium Capital)  
  • United Galactic Initaitive: (Powerful and at times a bit forceful, often brutally beating and torturing citzens to forcibly choose the UGI and the UGI only) 
  • Taiidan Vassalage: (Excessive military rules and regulations over the governed have formed some hindernence in growth.)
  • Uranian Consulate: (among the steadiest growths known, however UGI supportives are constantly shooting down members for as little reason as possible and then marking it off in uranian error.)
  • Helghan Hegmony: Growth is actually high despite Military prescence being brutal, more often this is because of numerous peoples who have some reason to hate the UGI or the Taiidans) 
  • Tel'taidan Vassalage: Comfortable growth and accepted by many because their laws are less harsh than the UGI or the Taiidans. However Marriage laws though really cause personal agonies. 
  • The Jin'Huan (The largest amount joiners apply here, despite the fact that many of them will have their worlds actually moved from their systems into Jin'Huan space.) 
  • The Reaperium: (These nomads are always searching for new blood and welcome all who join) 
  • Vexasian Collective: (the only group to have no applications, mainly because the Vexasians uphold the right to cannablizem and the annual tribute of multispecies children for Vexasian consumption.)
  • The Avanii Protectorate: (well supported as the Avanii only provide protection from invaders and opposing armies allowing the cultures to live under their own laws and enforce by their own people rather than by alien enforceres) 
  • The V'thenian Predatorium: ( Its incredibly hard not to walk by these party animals, and even harder to leave, the V'thenian's homeworld copuld easily become the most over populated world within 30 years if the growth does not stop. Ironically the old world of Urbanoes lies in their system and may yet be recolonized to house the excessive population. 
  • Y.D.I Yeltsin Defensive Intitiative ( A rapidly growing Goveranace) 

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