The Townes
Nathaniel class
Product information

Uranian Constructs


Jekvin Coalition


Nathanial class

Technical information

3.5 kilometers


.5 kilometers


1 kilometer


36 Gigatons

Stellar speed

.25 impulse speed

Engine Unit(s)


Warp speed

warp 5.7

Power output
  • 70 yottaJoules (directed energy weapon only)
  • engine power and shields 200 gigajoules
  • Gold Kalminite Core (weapon)
  • Red Micro Kalminite Reactor
Shield Generator

200 Gigawatts


1 inch Duranium armor

Sensor Range

500 kms

  • The Device
Crew requirements


Skeleton Crew



1 (VIP Overseer only)


2 weeks (relied on other ships)


To provide an easy Surrendering of the Planet with minimal loss of life.

Commission date

never offically

First sighting


Date of destruction



Jekvin Coalition


Orange Fleet

Named crew
  • Dr. Koby Lin (Chief creator of the Device)

Polyst Krem

The Townes was a Jekvin Coalition Experiment ship that could effectivly shut down all technology on a planets surface and pass through any planetary barrier. Due to the size of the device and the lack of required space on board no other weapons could be mounted on the vessel. A small shield matrix was installed but the ship would have to be heavily protected at all times as the slightest amount of structual damage would weaken the device. 

The Device Edit

The experimental device used was incredibly powerful and could shut down all technology on a world so long as the beam was maintained. All citzens would feel as if they were on fire but they wouldn't be physically harmed by the energy beam. The minute the beam was turned off or directed away from the planet the pain would stop. The same was for technology as long as the beam was online all technology would be shut down and biotechnology would be in the same pain as the citzens would be in. 


The device was set to be dismantled shortly after the UGI entered the war. However, AULTECH pulled off a raid that destroyed the ship preventing its dismantling. Years later improvements and research would be done to improve on the device. 

Taiidan's disapprovalEdit

As when they learned of the device before it was destroyed the Taiidans threatened that if the ship was ever in UGI space, their wrath would be incurred on the Jekvin Coalition, as the Taiidans were mostly biotechnology their anger that the Jekvin had a device that could cause pain on children their main concern was they didn't know what it would do to the Taiidan nanites in the children and that Taiidans cannot live without the nanites, without them they would quite literally die. The Jekvin Coalition then ordered that the ship never enter UGI space not because of the threat but because they didn't want to kill the Taiidans. Soon after the Corporate War the scientist that help create the device worked with UGI scientist to create a barrier to protect UFP populaces that rendered the device inert, but failed due to the UGI wouldn't give the scientist the precise harmonic of the UGI Planetary Sheild that would be able to withstand the beam, the real reason was the UGI were under precise orders to not give the harmonic as they didn't know who would use the harmonic to allow weapons of mass destruction to pass right through the shield.

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