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Teriotae Prime
Teriotae Prime
Astrographical information
Star Position

Carpathia System


none though they claimed to once have had 9. Plus 3 planetary docking rings.


333 Jump-gates discovered floating in orbit.


3.6 of Carpathia


22,000 miles

Day Length

22 hours

Year Length

222 days


unknown pollutants are the majority as well as some mysterious gas they call Tibanna.

Surface temperature

77 degrees Fahrenheit average


42 billion Located in Ke'reopolis

Notable Facts
  • When the world was re built following their arrival they became the dockyards for the private and non UGI vessels with their expansive docks and are now the Trade capital of the UGI.
  • Regrettably the world has also become the capital Entertainment world of the UGI and is infamous for immorality that rivals if not dwarfs the sexual and perversion of Risa. A world of incredible wealth and Technological Mastery in the UGi and yet, its society is almost disgraceful beyond recognition. However Teriotae born off their homeworld have been known to be tremendously more conservative.

The Teriotae


The Ocura Family

Following Taiidan Devastation of the city on the surface Teriotae Prime, the Teriote Species quickly rebuilt their their city and began to ship non sentient species towards their world to repopulate the planet.

In a short span of three years they soon became an economic superpower in the region.

History Edit

What is originally known about The Teriotae is lost. What exists now though leaves much to be said.

Since their reconstruction, the Teriotae have proven to be Invaluable to the UGI and the Taiidans, unfortunately this species which constantly needs something to do has also been one of the biggest pains for both of them.

The Terriotae are thrill seekers, and in some ways they are a reminder of what all species that reach their level may end up becoming like, if you've learned everything, explored it all, and there's nothing new no challenges, you start to lose your morality and try desperately to find something to do.

City information
Construction date

dating obscured due to universe change


to many to be listed


The Ocura Family


Teriotae Prime

Intresting facts

Population claims to be among the first species "Elder" of their universe, and supposedly knew about all technologies and all biology and because of this they will try to find anyway to entertain themselves. Coupled with the fact that they are biologically invincible minus to a single element still being researched by other groups, it makes them close to impossible to stop, save for that they will stop if prison is more entertaining than whatever they were previously doing.


43 Billion (whole planetary population in one city)


The Teriotae

Seth Storm
Biologial information

Teriotae Prime

Physical information
Average Height

6-9ft tall


170-340 lbs

Skin color

full color spectrum

Hair color


Eye color

full color spectrum


50,000 years average, however a record claims 52,421 was once achieved.

Physical distinctions
  • Saurian Therapods, bipedal, Prehensile tail is often stronger than arms and legs combined. Known for their sharp teeth and deep blue fleshy mouths. Their blood has never been seen since nothing yet has been able to wound them.
  • Considered to be among the most Technologically advanced beings in all the universe.
Known ranks
  • Private and Royal classes are the only two known and both seem to have little difference.
Notable Facts
  • Nearly invincible save to one particular element, something that no one yet has been able to figure what it is.
  • Only one reliable Officer has been known and his last name is Rutarius.


Other names
  • The Elder species
  • The Perv's (a slang term Used by Taiidans and other conservative civilizations, something Officer Rutarius takes offense to but admits that it is unfortunately true.)

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