Arkani Rise

"We will arise!" "We are End Times!"

The Rising was a post Soreghlili war event that spanned over a period of two centuries. It first started with the Imperium whose mass conversion of cyberspace into reality technologies created a Cyberspace rift that allowed a few Arkani of the Pre-Cosmos period.  This event started the rising. 

What is the RisingEdit

The rising is a long prophesied event that dates back trillions of trillions of years and only until recently have some of the texts been rediscovered. 

"It will begin with an unholy resurrection attempt, and it will end both in victory and tragedy. A world 3rd of 9 of a star alone holds the dark secret, one that leads to a time hysteria galaxy wide. An empire will grow till it consumes the universe... Then Satani will reemerge from times long forgotten... The Age of the Arkani will persist a mere seven years then, never more. It will end with their annihilation and Universal Peace. With ten years of peace before the dark one rises and falls with the one to put him down..." 

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