"Who the hell are you!" Galactic Council Member. 

"Sit still and clam up," Rathal ( the council member struggles to move as if the gravity of his chair has increased nearly 20 fold, and his mouth vanishes.) 

"Now thats better, where is Micheal Trillion." Rathal

"He resigned the imbleic couldn't stand the heat!" General Alex Solra sneered.

The Rathal Event was considered a shock to mostly everyone in the known universe. Rathal, who had disappeared since entering into the most powerful plasmoid in existence and in all of history, had come into the council chambers in ussual plasmoid manner inconspicious appearance. Being shunned by several members of the galactic council Rathal was unwilling to due to his tight schedual to play it nice with everyone. 

With following a slight confronation with Arrgoant Galactic Council Members, Rathal was able to locate if not Micheal Trillion but Erex Malren who he knew would take him seriously. 

Taking the evening off from work they were able to hold conversation regarding to why he was here and why from atop a local restroraunt. 

First the discussion was invloved with what Rathal had been doing for the past 400 years. Secondly the conversation led to recent history in this universe. However Rathal informing Erex of his busy schedual he told him why he was here and why he had been looking for Micheal Trillion. Listen his technology yes will make the Taiidans and any with it advance easily as far 400 to 4000 years in research but it will also speed of the development of somones plans to conquer the universe. 

"An enemy from your peoples past is rising again and thanks to Micheal Trillion's inventions whether he is aware or not are being used to fuel your ancient enemies plans. " 

Rathal then departed vanishing into a flash of light, leaving Erex to ponder those words. 

This led to the opening of ancient files regarding to the forgotten Emperor of the Taiidans. And began the events that led up to a massive multi universal conspiracy orginating since nearly 150,000 years ago. A conspiracy responsible for every mistrust and every conflicted since its beginings. The same reason why Taiidans suffered from Extrosis for so many years. 

Shao' Khan or at least his cult was playing the entire universe and those nearby for some endgame plan. Knowing erex he would get to the bottom of it and figure out how many people were secretly whether they knew it or not were a part of this conspiracy. Looking down at the table he picked a piece of paper that wasn't their before. It read, 

One in three Erex, one for every three beings, from your past. ~Rathal.

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