Omega Quadrant

The Omega Quadrant also referred to as the the Heart of the Galaxy.

The Omega Quadrant is the heart of the Galaxy and those who dwell within are among the eldest of the civilizations. The First Galactic Empires orginated here, as well as the First Intersteller Republics and Federations, respect for these races should be maintained at all times. Failure to do so an depending up on who you insult can lead to whatever race that does respect them to come after you. 


Any races that formed in the Omega Quadrant date back to the earliest signs of their civilization almost 3 billion years ago or more. The Coragaduns are excused from this as they exist in all galaxies at the center of each one. In this Universe at least. Plasmoids who visit every once and a while are far older roughly 970 trillion years old. And before them were the Arkani whose orgins predate numbers and were the creators of the Kal Krika. 

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