The God-Complex located on New Taiidan's second moon installation.

"Taiidan Supremacy is now ensured, with this new Complex we can transform all Taiidans into their Final Stage of Evolultion, thereby ensuring all Taiidans to rise into a god like state ensuring that never again will we ever be harmed or denied our right to be soverign over all other species in the cosmos. We deserve to rule and deserve to never again die for our rightous actions, with this we can ensure complete and total protection for the Taiidan people. It will make us invincible." ~Taiidan Scientist. 

The God ComplexEdit

The God Complex Project began during the first year of Shao'Khan and was orginally intended for his own personal ascension into a god state. By the end of the ten year reign it was nearly complete and the first subject it was tested on was Aneil T'uk, a former UGI soldier loyal to the orginal morals and traditions of the UGI. Aneil T'uk was chosen because he was a Taiidan but had decided to refuse promotions and continue to serve as an ordinary basic foot soldier. 

He was taken into the project and after the procedure became the show piece for the proposal to the council. 

Promises were made which included that all UGI citzens could partake in this evoultion, but there needed to be a way to screen out the people who were not worthy to share the Taiidan's evoultionary gain. To solve this efforts were made to seclude only those worthy of the the Evoultion to be transported to New Taiidan where non Taiidans would be escorted to secure facilities while Taiidans were allowed to wander the streets. 

Those who Chose not to Join the EvoultionEdit

  • Yoshirou Calderia
  • Kana Calderia 
  • ......

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