The Core Carver was one of a series of super weapons used by the Neuron CyberUnion from cyberspace during the Universal Cyberspace Conflict. Throughout this war these weapons continued to be manufactured following its predessor's demise, with signifigant design corrections. 

The Core Carver's name was a generalization as the first were used to carve through capital ships. Later however these "ships" which eventually could be classfied as planets became powerful enough to carve through planets, then stars, galaxies, and even the universe itself. Thankfully, the most common design flaw was that these weapons would lose efficency and power the more they were damaged as they lacked shields for maximum firepower. The reason may seem wasteful but because cyberspace neither uses resources nor any particualr form of energy to create these ships. The instant one of these superweapons are destroyed another more powerful version would be on its way. Whether in a matter of hours or even days, but never a week or moreand then they would return. 

List of known Core Carver's (battles they fought and were destroyed in are not listed yet)Edit

The Core Carver                 The First appearance and the first used                                 (battle)                                   (Destruction)Edit

  • A01.92                         Reconasinse mission Imperium Taiidan co-op                      Defense of Bajor                             Defense of Bajor     
  • A02.37                                         ________________                                                  __________                                   ___________
  • E09.09                                         ________________                                                  __________                                   ___________
  • 130 others                                  ________________                                                  __________                                   ___________
  • U00.00                                             The Final Act                                                     Annilation Eminent                            Annilation Eminent

Core Carver LegacyEdit

After the Universal Cyberspace Event scientists, miltiary engineers, and war historians would remark that the Core Carvers were by far the most effective weapons in existance. However, due to the fact that cyberspace had been destroyed, there would no longer be any way to obtain enough resources to create another Core Carver, there by making the any attempt to construct one impossible. 

However, after the return of the Arkani, and the begining of reconstruction of technological achievments, cyberspace reincarnated itself allowing for a more stable version to exist. However, Cyberspace conversion to reality generators became the most prohibitied technology in the Universe with the Imperium acknowledging the right of the UGI and their military to excute any world possesing the technology. As nobody sane would want a second Cyberspace conflict to form nor would they want the return of the Core Carvers. 

By the end of the Cyberspace conflict, the universe was only a 20th of its orginal size. This was the reason for the prohibitation. 

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