The Contagion is a grey hat Terrorist organization operating in cells throughout several galaxies. It is unclear as to whom started the organization, but it has been in operation since the middle of the Coporate War. They have maintained secrecy by still unknown means to both the UGI and the Uranians. During the Rise of Shao' Khan they both helped his cause and at the sametime tore it down, while is members claimed that neither was the cause of the incedents. 

It is thus assumed that at one point The Contagion was a unifed terrorist organzation, but at some point the leadership fractured and each cell became independant or a group of cells, why they all keep the same name is still a mystery. 

Assassianations Edit

The Contagion's has never been proven to be the cause of over 4900 assassigations in both the UGI and the Uranian Territories, for reasons unexplained all the bodies are rendered incapable of rot following death. 

Attacks on cities lack any remants of bombs, guns or anything close to such, one of the believed to be memebers of the was attempted arrested on the street by Taiidan militia, the results occuring during the arrest were quite shocking, the accused member merely walked away from the guards who raised there weapons to fire only to instantly crumple to the street unconscious. 

Mass Destruction Edit

Some rare occurences have even involved he complete destruction of planets in a way never before seen. All life it seems dies but is sterilized to prevent anyform of rot, all technology requiring power is dead as if it had takne a massive EMP blast. Shield Generators are knocked off line ussually causing their destruction in the process, Sometimes the explosion is so powerful that it discharges a band of energy into space above the planet becoming for the next 12 years and immapassible barrier catching shps and destroying them by overloading their power supplies. 

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